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Ultimate Guide to the Portable POD System

What is a POD System and is it the best vaping option for you?


Many people use vaping and vape pens to quit, or at least attempt to quit, smoking traditional cigarettes. The option to wean off nicotine with different nicotine strength e-liquids is one way quitting could be easier for a habitual smoker. Yet quitting could be even easier, if smokers were matched with the right nicotine device.

Some people switch back to smoking traditional cigarettes, because they choose inefficient, cheap vape pens to start or are too intimidated by the complex nature of a modern box mod.

The process of vaping is not as easy as simply lighting up, and that sends some smokers back to their traditional cigarettes. Vaping involves choosing and purchasing e-liquids, which in itself can be intimidating. You also need to learn how to care for your vape device including cleaning the tank, changing coils, and choosing the right settings.

In the past, vapers could only choose between these two options, but with the introduction of the POD system, all that changed. Notable POD systems include brands like JUUL and Suorin. Learn more about POD systems, and if vaping is for you after all.


What is a POD System?


A POD vaping device is an ultra-portable system that falls between a simple vape pen and a variable wattage box mod. The POD is much more versatile than a cartomizer, with a larger liquid capacity and more power.

The main difference between a cartomizer and the ultra-portable POD system is that PODs come with cartridges like JUUL replacement Pods. These cartridges contain the coil, wick, and e-juice – everything you need in one tiny package.

While a vape pen or cigalike device contain batteries that cap out at 180 mAh, POD devices have batteries that can reach up to 300 mAh.

POD devices are also great for budget conscious vapers, because they are reasonably priced compared to other devices like box mods. A high-end POD system with cost you around $30, while a lower-end model can cost as little as $15.


Benefits and Drawbacks of POD Systems


Each vaping device has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. That’s why it’s important to consider your personal vape style, and what matters most to you in a vaping experience. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of POD systems to help you decide if it’s the right device for you.


POD System Benefits



POD systems are popular, because they are super easy to use. Some vapers prefer the ease of using a simple vape pen. For these vapers, a POD system provides the closest experience while providing more functionality. There’s no need to purchase e-liquid bottles and worry about spilling when trying to refill for your next hit.

Handles Premium E-Liquid

POD cartridges typically use the premium e-liquids veteran vapers prefer. POD devices are capable of using the thicker e-liquids that have a higher VG ratio, which gives vapers more versatility when it comes to vaping options.

A Stronger Nicotine Hit

The average sub-ohm tank is made to support e-liquids with nicotine levels between 3 mg and 6 mg. For that reason, many people transitioning from traditional cigarettes don’t get enough nicotine from standard box mods with sub-ohm tanks. Cigalike e-cigarettes can support higher nicotine levels, at the expense of premium e-liquid flavors, but for some the tradeoff is worth it.

POD devices can support higher nicotine levels for the vaper who needs a stronger nicotine hit thanks to the introduction of nicotine salts. Instead of traditional e-liquid, you could choose to use nicotine salt cartridges that deliver higher concentrations of nicotine without sacrificing flavor or a smooth hit.

No Leaks

If you have ever suffered from a leaky tank, you know how messy things can get. E-liquid can slip out of loose caps or seep through tiny openings staining your pants or damaging your purse.

Portable POD systems use built in, disposable cartridges that don’t leak. You’ll never have to deal with that wet, sticky mess again when you use replacements pods for your device.

Inhale Activation

Some portable POD systems can be activated by simply inhaling. This provides smokers with an experience most similar to their cigarette smoking days. Box mods require that you press the firing button, that doesn’t seem to bothersome, but to a cigarette smoker just transitioning this could be an issue.


POD Drawbacks


Limited Flavors

If you’ve ever visited an online vape shop or local vape store you know that the selection of e-liquids is endless. There are literally hundreds of premium e-liquid flavors to choose from. You can go from enjoying your favorite breakfast cereal flavor one minute and switch to a coffee flavor the next.

POD systems used pre-filled cartridges that not many manufacturers make. That limits the amount of flavors you have to choose from.

Less Liquid

Since the portable POD system is a smaller device, it can hold less e-liquid. The smallest POD devices can carry less than 1 mL of e-liquid, which is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Some larger POD devices can carry as much as 2 mL.

Part of desiring larger e-liquid capacity is to avoid refilling the tank and making a mess. If that’s the case for you, a POD system may still be idea despite the smaller liquid capacity since you can use cartridges instead of refilling the tank by hand.

Less Battery Life

Box mods are supreme when it comes to battery life. Portable POD vape devices have longer battery life than cigalike devices but die quicker than box mods. Your typical POD will last anywhere from two to three hours with mild usage when fully charged. You can also purchase an external vape battery kit.

If you have multiple vaping devices, this isn’t a big deal, since your probably use your POD when your on-the-go. However, if your POD is your only device, you will need to be more careful about usage to maintain battery life.

If you miss the experience of traditional smoking, a portable POD device is a great compromise. Larger than a cigalike, but still compact and transportable, the POD provides more power and flavor than e-cigarettes. Get your POD device from SoCal Vaping.


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